16th March 2020

Springbank Community Group CiC formed and we opened our Community Food Bank in response to the emerging COVID19 crisis.

19th March 2020

We moved into our new temporary home in Springbank Community Resource Centre. Demand for the Food Bank was increasing daily. 

6th April 2020

We delivered our 500th food parcel to a family in need. This was our first big achievement. 

15th May 2020

We signed a lease on the Ron Smith Pavilion. Making this our new permanent home.

25th May 2020

Our next big achievement, we delivered our 1000th food parcel to a family in need. 

1st June 2020

Volunteers begin work on what will become our Community Garden.

28th August 2020

We deliver a food parcel to our eleven thousandth service user. 

1st September 2020

We are commissioned by the Brizen Young Peoples Trust to deliver Open Access Youth Provision to Young People in Warden Hill and Leckhampton.

27th October 2020

Our Community Food Pantry opens.

30th October 2020

The October half term comes to an end in Cheltenham. We hand out our 198th free packed lunch to a local child who needed it.

January - March 2021

We are commissioned by Cheltenham Borough Council to provide weekly food parcels to the Critically Extremely Vulnerable.

12th April 2021

We open the doors of our new Community Cafe. Bringing a much loved community resource back to the area.