Cheltenham Household Essentials Project (CHEP)

In January 2021, we welcomed Cheltenham Household Essentials Project (CHEP) to the Springbank Community Group family. Now operating out of one of our storage rooms at the Ron Smith Pavilion, CHEP collects and gives out small household and electrical items to people that need them most. 

CHEP not only provides direct support to members of our Community Food Pantry who are able to self refer by speaking to any of our volunteers when they visit, our team also work closely with a range of local organisations and providers to ensure that those that need assistance are able to access this. 

If you would like to refer yourself, or you work locally with an individual or family that would befit from our help, please click the below button to complete our online form.

What we offer:

We cannot promise that we will have everything you or the people you support will need, however we will endeavour to help where and when we can. Below you can see the kind of items that we stock, please be aware that this is not a full list and when you complete our referral form you will be able to ask for anything additional.

All of the items that we give out have been inspected for quality by one of our CHEP volunteers and are deemed to be in good working order. 

All of the electrical items we give away have undergone a thorough safety inspection and do not leave our premises without having passed a Portable Appliance Test. 

If you have anything you would like to donate, that you believe would be of use to any of our service users - please get in touch with our team by clicking here