Springbank Community Group 

About Us

Springbank Community Group CiC established in March 2020 as a result of the emerging Coronavirus Pandemic that was sweeping the United Kingdom.

Initially making up and delivering food parcels to families and individuals in need across Cheltenham and Tewkesbury, Springbank Community Group CiC now runs not only a successful Food Bank, but has developed a Community Food Pantry and are delivering open access Youth Work provision in parts of Cheltenham.

Food Pantry

Our Food Pantry aims to help your money go further and runs on a low cost membership of £3.50 per week. In return you can choose food items up to the retail value of £15. This is a membership only scheme so please get in touch using the above email button if you have any questions. 

We will be stocking a range of store cupboard essentials, fresh and frozen foods, toiletries and cleaning products. 

Community Cafe

We are pleased to announce that our Community Cafe opened its doors on Monday 12th April 2021. The Community Cafe offers a wide range of hot and cold drinks; homemade cakes, sandwiches and hot food. 

In line with the current Government Guidelines for Coronavirus, we will initially be offering a takeaway service to all our customers. For anybody that wishes to stay a while, please feel free to use the benches located in the garden at the back of the cafe.

As an addition to the Community Cafe a group of volunteers have been working hard to create a Community Garden to complement the cafe. This is now a thriving project and anybody who wishes to get involved should contact us by using the email button above.

Youth Work


Springbank Community Group CiC are in the fortunate position that a number of Directors and Volunteers are both qualified and experienced in working with Young People. 

This has allowed us to create an offer to Parish and Town Councils, as well as other Organisations, delivering commissioned bespoke Youth Work packages to communities that need and want this service. 

If you think your community would benefit from a service like this, then please get in touch using the email button above.

Cheltenham Household Essentials Project 

We are pleased to announce that the Cheltenham Household Essentials Project (CHEP) has joined the Springbank Community Group CiC family. 

We collect essential household items in good condition and store these to create a free ‘shop’ for people who   are moving into accommodation and have nothing, 
and others who are in urgent need of help. 

These items can include small electrical items such as   irons, microwaves and toasters; cutlery, crockery and     kitchen utensils; towels and bedding.

We are unable to store larger items such as furniture and white goods, but encourage members to offer these in our Facebook Group. Where transport is a problem, we have contacts we can suggest who will move items for a small charge.

To view our dedicated Facebook Page, please click on   the image and you will be redirected.

Food Bank

Our Food Bank was established to meet the growing demand for food across Cheltenham and 
Tewkesbury as a result of the COVID19 outbreak. 

Since opening our Community Food Pantry, we have stopped taking regular referrals to the Food Bank 
and now only deliver a small number of emergency 
food parcels to those who really need them. 


Food Parcels Distributed


People Helped


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